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Mmmm...what's that?  It smells like crack!  Aha~

Read and enjoy it, if you will.

Title: Incomplete
Author: Me! 
Crack: Mana (ex Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois), and Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys)
Genre: Angst
Disclaimer: I own BSB….their CDS…okay you got me I don’t own Mana (I wish I did) or Nick Carter. 
Summary: Mana goes to a karaoke bar to vanish for a few hours, it just so happens that Nick Carter happens to be there.  (Before BSB got back together).


           Mana was wearing a hat, and a very large pair of sunglasses covered most of his face.  He didn’t want to be recognized, but of course he would be.  He was a Queen Diva, for crying out loud.  The only way he wouldn’t be recognized is if he dressed like a man for once.
            Why he always went to the karaoke bar when he wanted to vanish he had no idea.  Not the slightest idea.  To spend hours drinking cheaper sake and listening to horrible old men belt out American bubble gum pop, normally would have been torture to the ex Malice Mizer, guitarist. 
            Today there wasn’t that much excitement in the room, there was a few repeat offenders in there.  An old man, who wore a red baggy sweat suit and too much bling, it seemed like he was trying to be a black gangster, there were three “school girls” although Mana assumed they didn’t go to school they just liked the uniform get up, an older lady with a horrible mullet, it bounced when she walked and that flat out disgusted Mana. 
            But today there was someone who most definitely didn’t fit the mold, white, blond hair, blue eyes.  A gaijin.  What was a gaijin doing here of all places?
            Mana sighed to himself and motioned to the waiter for another beer.
            “Excuse me?” a voice said, in English.
            Mana turned and to his utmost surprise the gaijin was standing there.
            “Um….may I sit with you?  I need to get away from those girls…” he indicated to the school girls.
            “….” Mana nodded slightly.
            “Thank you” the gaijin smiled sitting in the chair next to Mana.  “Um…I’m Nick.  I mean um…boku wa…no…no…gomen.  Uh…my name is Nick.  Nick Carter”
            Nick Carter.  That name was almost familiar, why though?  Why would the name of some prince like looking gaijin be stuck in his head?  Why were those so called school girls watching the gaijin and giggling.
            “Um…” Nick sighed lightly.  “You must think I’m really odd”
            “…” Mana shrugged.
            “Heh…I must be one of the first white people in here for a while, huh?”
            Mana only nodded, why was the gaijin…no…why was Nick talking to him? 
            “Yeah…well…I wanted to escape some stuff back in the states but…” Nick glanced at the giggling girls, whose skirts seemed to now be shorter from when they entered.  “I guess some things you can’t escape…”
            “?” Mana looked up at Nick, curious but not voicing it.
            “You’ll think I’m weird for telling you this but that hardly matters…not like we’ll ever see each other after tonight huh?”
            Mana shrugged and sipped his beer, watching Nick through his dark glasses.
            “I just…I don’t know.  I saw you and I wanted to talk to you”
            “!” Mana stared.
             Nick nodded and continued.  “I was in a band once”
            “!!!” Mana’s eyes widened slightly.
            “I don’t know what happened, we just broke up.  And…I remember…I’d wake up I’d feel so…so…disconnected.  I tried to carry on you know?  Tried going solo but it wasn’t the same; I felt the need to be part of something”
            Mana was feeling his stomach clench at Nick’s words. 
            “I just felt…felt…so” Nick scratched the back of his head.  “Incomplete…”
            Mana was staring at him.
            “Oh…oh shit!” Nick gasped.  “I’m sorry.  You probably didn’t understand a word of it….I…I…gomen….boku wa….baka…gomen…gomen…”
            Nick quickly got up and left the karaoke bar, the girls gave upset sighs.
            Mana watched Nick leave, and he himself sighed.
            “No…” he said in a whisper so only he would be able to hear.  “I understand perfectly…”

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