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Title: The Night Before (Life Goes On)
Author: K – I –R – S – T – E –N! What does that spell? KIRSTEN!!!
Crack: Kiyoharu (SADS) x Carrie Underwood (AI 4 winner)
Genre: angst? No idea…
Disclaimer: I own Carrie Underwood! …her CD…sorta. Okay I don’t, I don’t own Carrie or Kiyoharu.
Summary: Carrie is over in Japan and mistakes Kiyoharu’s hotel room for her own…

So I just discovered Carrie Underwood, I’ve never been much for Idol pop music (okay I admit it I have Kelly Clarkson and Clay Akin music on my PC as well, but still I was all for Billy Klippert in CI 1, but then my friends cousin who was amazing got booted off during wildcard in CI 2 and I said “to hell with this” and stopped watching idol shows)…anyways. There’s something about Carrie. Maybe her complete innocence which makes me adore her.

When I first started this it was meant to be a comedy type thing, but somehow the below happened. No idea where I was going so yeah…this blah…

Here we go…

Carrie Underwood pushed a stray strand of blonde hair out of her eyes as she once again slid the card key through the lock, why wasn’t the door opening? Why, why, why? Was all of Japan against her? First she lost her luggage, they weren’t the nicest to her in customs, the food she ate had made her feel horribly sick, her umbrella had gotten blown away, she was soaked to the skin, and now the stupid key wouldn’t let her in her room. Why?

“Come on!” she gasped trying again, yanking on the door handle. “Please! Please come on!”

Carrie sighed and fell against the opposite wall, massaging a throbbing temple. “I hate this country!” she muttered to herself. “I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!”


Kiyoharu sat on his bed. For the past five minutes someone had been trying to get into his room. Probably a rabid fan, so there was no way in hell he would open the door. It was almost funny he mused to himself, as he stretched out, shirtless, baggy pants extremely low, they looked like at any second they could fall.

But then, no one knew he was here, probably some idiot American who had the wrong room. Fucking tourists! He jumped off the bed, whoever it was he would yell at and hopefully scare the crap out of so they would go home to their country and NEVER come back.

He undid the lock and threw the door and stopped dead as soon as he saw the person outside it.


Carrie’s eyes widened and she blushed. “Oh my goodness! I…I…gomen, gomen! I…I thought this was my room I’m so sorry”

She tucked more wet hair behind an ear, and smiled slightly nervously. All the rumours about Carrie had to be true she was a very modest country girl and seeing the half naked man in front of her was defiantly making her feel very, very uncomfortable. She forced another smile, she could feel her cheeks burning and the man was smirking at her. This was making her feel sick, as if her day couldn’t get any worse.

“It’s okay” he said suddenly, in perfect English, Carrie had barely even thought of a language barrier in her embarrassment.

His response caught her off guard and she was silent for a few moments.

“Rea…really? You’re not mad or offended or anything?” Carrie replied slowly.
“No” he shook his head, leaning against the door frame.

Carrie nodded, forcing another smile, she didn’t like the way he was looking at her. It was almost like standing on the stage again, only this was a million times worse as she was completely and utterly alone.

“You’re soaked” he said.
“Yeah…um…my umbrella blew away”
He nodded. “I’m Kiyoharu”


“I’m Kiyoharu” he said finally unable to take his eyes off her, she was the last thing he expected to see at his door.

She was cute, adorable features; blue eyes, soft blonde hair, not to mention she was soaking wet, and Kiyoharu being the pervert he was couldn’t help but notice that. He also couldn’t help but notice how red her cheeks were, he smiled at the fact his half nudeness was making her blush so much.

“I’m Carrie” she replied.
“Carrie” Kiyoharu repeated, “I’ve seen you before…on TV”
“Really” Carrie smiled. “I didn’t know you’d get American Idol here”
“We do. We do!” Kiyoharu nodded.

Carrie only smiled again, the blush starting to fade from her cheeks.

“I…I should go find my room now” she turned and started to go down the hall.

Kiyoharu reached out and grabbed her arm, stopping her.

“Why not come to my room. The doors open, and it will be warmer then yours and we can talk…about American Idol” he said, but talk to Kiyoharu meant seduction and sex and right now the only reason he wanted the girl in his room was to get in her pants.

Call him a prick, a pervert, a cad whatever, Kiyoharu would have no problem admitting that was the only reason he wanted Carrie to come into his room. He hardly was capable of conversation at all, with a pretty woman at least without wanting to screw them.

She paused for a moment, staring at him, a almost look of fear on her face.

“Alright” she said after a few moments of silence”
“You can dry off and borrow some of my cloths…I do have shirts” he smirked.

Carrie smiled nervously and let Kiyoharu lead her into his room, he causally toed the door closed and went to the closet yanking out a very long baggy sweatshirt and tossing it to Carrie.

“Hang your cloths up in the shower and use the towels” he instructed before dropping himself onto the bed.

Carrie nodded and went into the bathroom closing the door behind her. When he heard the small click of the lock Kiyoharu’s smirk only widened.


Carrie slowly peeled off her wet cloths, feeling slightly more then nervous and uncomfortable. Wasn’t it guys like Kiyoharu she had always been warned about? She sighed and slipped on the sweatshirt he had given her, it was big enough luckily to cover her panties. She put her pants and shirt over the shower rod and left the room.

Kiyoharu glanced up at her, and grinned slightly. “Sit” he patted a spot on the bed. “Let’s talk”
“…okay” Carrie nodded dropping herself on the edge of the bed not going any closer to Kiyoharu.
“I don’t bite” he smirked. “But you’ll warm up to me I’m sure”

Carrie blushed slightly again, how did she end up in this strangers room. She was going to be raped for sure! Most definitely, and then she’d end up getting pregnant! Oh God, please don’t let that happen, she begged inwardly.

“I’m a singer too, you know” Kiyoharu said. “I’m in a band, we’re famous…here at least”
“Really?” Carrie asked nervously.
“Oh ho! I see now, you really are as modest and innocent as everyone says you are”
“You haven’t stopped blushing since you laid eyes on me. Either you are embarrassed or you are sexually attracted to me”

Carrie’s eyes widened and her blush depend she shook her head, this only caused Kiyoharu to continue to smirk.

“Let me guess, you think I’m going to rape you, and you’re the type of girl who wants to wait until her marriage for sex. Am I right?”
“What’s wrong with that?!” Carrie’s eyes flashed angrily. “I have morals, so shoot me”

Kiyoharu snorted and leaned back on the bed, stretching slightly before propping himself up on the pillows to look at Carrie.

“Morals have no meaning now” he said dryly. “Especially in the media business. What would people from that hick town of yours say? You’re a fish out of water”

Carrie glared again slightly before getting up, she would go put her cloths back on and leave. She didn’t need this. Not at all. So she had morals, what was the big deal?

Kiyoharu reached out and grabbed her wrist, pulling her back onto the bed, easily topping her and kissing the girl passionately. Carrie was completely taken by surprise; it took her a few seconds to realize what exactly was happening and what was pressing against her inner thigh. She began to squirm to kick, to do anything to get the man off her. Her nails made contact with his face, drawing blood.

“Bitch!” Kiyoharu spat getting off her and putting a hand to wipe the blood off his face.

Carrie just stared face flushed and eyes wide with horror.

“Let me guess something like this would never happen in your home town. Full of goody goodies and Christians?” Kiyoharu snarled.
“Of course it would! What’s wrong with being a Christian?”
“It’s stupid”
“Why believing in something?”
“Believing in something that isn’t real is stupid!”
“Who said its not real!?!”
“I DO!”

Kiyoharu was yelling now. Carrie may be beautiful but she was down right annoying, the only thing that made Kiyoharu want to screw her was to break all of her stupid morals and then seeing the pretty blonde whither underneath him. He glared at her and she glared right back. Her eyes full of anger and passion maybe even hate.

“Just because you don’t have the strength to believe in something doesn’t mean it isn’t real! Or others shouldn’t.” Carrie replied.
“Strength? What would you know about that?!” Kiyoharu was topping her again, roughly pinning her beneath him.
“You think it’s easy keeping morals in this world?” Carrie asked glaring up at him. “Do you know how many times I’ve wanted to say to hell with this and do whatever I want? But I haven’t, it’s hard but I’ve held onto what I believe even if times I doubt and just don’t care. But I hold on! Because I’m strong enough to handle it!”
Kiyoharu was off her once again, almost looking as if the girl had slapped him. Wasn’t that the reason he was an atheist? He turned away from Carrie slipping on a shirt and putting on a pair of shoes.

“What are you doing?” Carrie asked.
“Going out. Be gone when I get back” Kiyoharu said.
“What? You’re tempted to have sex with me but your to strong?!”

Carrie was silent again; Kiyoharu stared at her for a moment before stepping into a pair of combat boots. This girl was reeking of innocence. Pure innocence. And it was bugging Kiyoharu as much as it made him want Carrie. People always want what they can’t have and Carrie for him at least was most definitely out of reach. He looked away from her and grabbed his jacket.

Carrie stared, so he wasn’t going to rape her? He looked so angry it was almost scary. But he had pulled back, pulled back so suddenly, had she hit a nerve or something. She ran a hand through her wet hair.

“Just be gone when I get back!” Kiyoharu spat annoyed.

This girl was to pure, to innocent, he wanted to break that. He wanted to break her. But he was mad. He was boiling red mad. And for some reason right now as much as he wanted to hurt Carrie he wanted to get away from her even more.

“Okay” Carrie replied softly.
“Leave the sweatshirt on the bed”

Kiyoharu glanced at her once more. One final glare at the country girl before leaving the room and slamming the door behind him.

Carrie was shaken. She had no idea what to think, that was probably one of the weirdest things she had ever experience. She went into the bathroom, quickly putting on her still damp close and gently laying out the sweatshirt on the bed. She almost felt bad for Kiyoharu.

Sighing she left the room, and set off to find her own. The look of anger on Kiyoharu’s face not leaving her mind at all.


Kiyoharu walked through the parking lot and turned around glancing up at his window half expecting to see Carrie there. He wanted her. He wanted to take her and shatter her innocence. Because he was stronger then her. Much, much stronger.

- Fin -

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