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jcrackfagwhores's Journal

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Hey, mentally fucked lovelies, if you join, feel free to leave an introduction or something like that. We like to know who our members are. Actually, we're quite dumbfounded at having members. Rock on.


Like it or not, every community has 'em.

1) Treat all of this as humor. The whole point of this place is to laugh at the insanity that is your warped brain, and, on occassion, praise someone on making a crackpairing sound cool.

2) No flamings for bad pairings or OOC, that's the POINT of this community. It's SUPPOSED to be bad and wrong and evil. Don't expect us to be insulted--and don't expect us to stop writing KiritoxIan McKellen.

3) Only post your own stuff or stuff you've gotten permission to post.

4) Don't be an asshat. ^^

5) Original random vulgarities get a virtual cookie.


7) Elitists will get mocked, chewed, swallowed, and regurgitated, seeing as they make it look like such fun. "OOOH THE IRONY, OMG, THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK, HYPOCRISY!" We stopped caring a while ago. x)

8) Anything goes, with an exception: the fic must include a Jrocker. Barney could be taking advantage of hide for all we care.

9) In fact, you get 3 virtual cookies for writing Barney X hide rape.

10) No. Fucking. Bingoing. Bingos include: "you're homophobic" (dude, one of us is gay, the other is just plain sexually fucked in the head), "ew, yaoi" (ew, het), "you're going to hell" (yes, we'll see you there, fuckface), "you're so offensive" (No shit, Sherlock), "you're not a true fan for writing this about so-and-so" (Haha. Go kill yourself.) You'll find out if you bingoed. >D

11) If you're insulted by things like druggie-Daishi jokes, fucked up pairings, homosexuality, strong language, etc.: DON'T JOIN, DON'T WHINE.

12) We're not as mean as these rules make us sound. Seriously. HONESTLY. DON'T LEAVE US. WE LOVE YOU. <3 ):


Title: The name of your story. We care enough to give our children, however inbred, names.

Author: We'd like to know who's genius we're reading.

Crack: Who's doing who? Who's arguing with who? Who's trapped in a biodome with who?

Genre: Self explanitory

Disclaimer: Let's face it--as much as we want it to be, they just aren't ours. Sorry, everybody.

Summary: Again, self-explanitory.
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