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The fic that started it all..

To start this community, let's post the fic that started the crack pairing revolution. BECAUSE LIFE ISN'T LIFE WITHOUT OOC, BADLY DONE ANGST, AND EMO BANDS.

Title: Numb Catharsis
Author: Yours truly
Crack: Közi (Ex Malice Mizer, Eve of Destiny) and Linkin Park (SUPER EMO)
Genre: Angst, humour
Disclaimer: Not mine. Neither were the drugs, but that's a different story.
Summary: Közi goesto a Linkin Park concert.

Közi was watching a Linkin Park concert.

That in itself was strange, since Közi had long since decided to distance himself from mainstream rock in an attempt to drown out the 'Gackt's' and 'Mana's' that were constantly screamed into his ear whenever he went on stage despite the fact that he was no longer in a band with them. Közi had even gone so far to move to Germany to avoid it--was he forever to be associated with the cross dresser and the pop prince?

Yet, as he watches the screaming fans, yelling 'Chester' and 'Mike,' he feels a lingering sadness remembering what could have been, had the five Malice and Misery members hadn't gotten selfish. They could have been there--on stage, playing to an enormous foreign audience. He loved Malice Mizer, and, as much as he hated it, he loved it more than his solo works and Eve of Destiny--Malice Mizer, whether he approved or not, would follow him. Haunt him. Would he ever accomplish something that big? Would he ever be able to do something like that on his own? Mana and Gackt--even Klaha--had always supported him. He was always in the background, and he had been foolish enough to think that the fans loved him and not the others and--

No no, calm down, Közi...

But it's too late. As Közi watches the concert, he can't help but feel the urge to punch something--anything. He is angry, he is beyond angry, but he is so beyond angry he is calm, and he can't help but feel a little scared of himself. He is angry for no reason, but he is angry at everything., and he can't figure out why, and it's all complicated and confusing and Közi just wants to get drunk and forget about it and--

His eyes widen, and he stumbles back as realization hits him like a brick--He's angry towards Linkin Park. He's angry because Linkin Park has taken Mizer's place in Japan--the fans now flock to Chester, while Malice Mizer's fans no longer care about anyone other than Mana and even then it's the Gothic Lolita's and it's only because of fashion and--

Közi's left to boil over, and he decides he must leave before he really does start a fight, or a riot, or something equally disturbing. He doesn't want to interrupt Link Park's new reign on Japan.

As he walks back, he looks over his shoulder and shakes his head, crossing himself with a hand that holds an unlit cigarette. Father, son, holy ghost, Malice and Misery, Malice Mizer, he mumbles, and continues walking.

"One day," he mutters, "You'll fade away, too."

Oh dear GOD what have I done.
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